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Author Interview about How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends

Hospitality Industry Leadership Conference, "Surf's Up! Let's Go Networking" (demo)

Don sings "Annoying Networker Blues" at Swap the Biz, New York City

Don conducts his Learning Annex workshop, "50 Sure-Fire Ways to Break the Ice and Improve Your Conversations"


Don Gabor

author, writing coach
& ghostwritter for
presentations, Book proposals,
and non-fiction book project

Don will help you:

  • Develop, organize, and write memorial content
  • Create book proposal for agent and publisher
  • Start, continue, and finish non-fiction book

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Don Gabor is a networking expert, porfessional speaker, coach, and author of How to How to Start a Convercsation and Make Friends, plus 10 books and audio programs published ny Simon & Schuster, Random House, Prentice-Hall, McGraw-Hill, and others.

Since 1908, Don has been speaking to corporations, associations, colleges, non-profits, and small businesses on hot to use small talk and wetworking to build threi contacts and increase revenue.

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Don’s book have been published in 28 foreign editions and have sold over a millions copy word-wide…

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