DON GABOR Author Ÿ Writing Coach Ÿ Ghostwriter for Presentations, Book Proposals, and Non-Fiction Book Projects

Don will help you:

don with HTS book

  • Develop, organize, and write memorable content
  • Create book proposals for agents and publishers
  • Start, continue, and finish non-fiction books


Your coaching sessions begin with setting specific goals and an assessment of your current level. Then we begin right away. My most popular coaching topics are:


  • Writing a Non-Fiction Book to Self-publish or Sell to a Traditional Publisher
  • Creating and Delivering a Workshop, Speech, or Presentation
  • Networking for New Contacts and Deepening Business Relationships

Here is how my coaching sessions generally work:

  • To begin, I recommend booking 4, 90-minute coaching sessions 7-10 days apart.
  • We schedule the days and times for your sessions. You call me or we meet at the agreed upon time. These are real appointments, but we both have the flexibility to reschedule if necessary, but no later than 24-hours before the session. If you miss a session without a prior call, you pay.
  • Before the first session, you complete a brief questionnaire and email or mail me a “wish list” of your goals. Don’t edit—just write everything down you’d like to accomplish in four sessions. I’ll determine what’s possible over the four sessions as we go along.
  • In the first session we discuss your desired outcomes for the sessions. I begin my assessment of your writing, speaking and/or conversation skills.
  • I give you assignments for you to complete for our next session.
  • In the first part of the following sessions we review your assignments. I ask for clarification, provide feedback, discuss any new issues, situations or encounters.
  • In the last part of the following session we go to the next lesson. I offer ongoing assessments of your progress at the end of each session.
  • In the fourth session we evaluate your overall progress based on your objectives. Then you decide if you want to continue.

My fee for 4, 90-minute session at my Brooklyn office, via Skype, or telephone is $600. (Professional and student discounts are available). I accept all major credit cards.
For more information, contact Don at 718-768-0824 or