Plane-Talk: Networking at 30,000 Feet

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(Available as Kindle Single Ebook — 27 pages)
Use the time you spend in airports and on airplanes to build your business and increase your income. Don Gabor, author and “small talk expert, shows you how. In this book you will discover easy ways to::


  • Network with fellow travelers in airports and on planes
  • Make small talk and uncover business opportunities
  • Use air travel time to fill your sales pipeline
  • Expand your business network and relationships while flying

Plane-Talk: Networking at 30,000 Feet is designed for frequent flyers like you. Do you find yourself spending many hours in airports and on planes? Even though you use this time to catch up on reading or writing reports, answering emails, making phone calls, sleeping, relaxing or just thinking, are you still frustrated by time you spend flying from place to place? If you are like most time-conscious professionals, you hate to lose any opportunity to increase your productivity. So why not use your time in the air to expand your business contacts and referrals?

Table of Contents includes:

  • Plane Networking No-No’s
  • Working the Plane
  • Networking Strategies Before You Take Off
  • Plane Topics Business
  • Taboo Topics
  • Push the Networking “Pause” Button
  • Network In the Aisles
  • Turning Small Talk Into Gold
  • Identify Potentially Profitable Contacts
  • Transition to a Business Conversation
  • Down-to-Earth Follow-Ups



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