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Author Interview about How to Start a Conversation and Make Friends

In this Simon & Schuster interview Don discusses how you can use your conversation skills, online media, and social networks to make new friends and enhance your relationships.

Hospitality Industry Leadership Conference, "Surf's Up! Let's Go Networking" (demo)

This 8-minute demo shows Don introducing his interactive keynote with his ukulele version of "Networkin' USA" (based on The Beach Boys hit, "Surfin' USA"), plus tips and techniques for places to network, breaking the ice, making small talk, remembering names and catching waves of business contacts at networking events.

Don sings "Annoying Networker Blues" at Swap the Biz, New York City

Like most people, Don has met his share of networking sharks, chatterboxes, bores and know-it-alls at business and social events. That's why the audience at the Swap the Biz event in NYC chuckles when he plays his ukulele and sings his original song, "Annoying Networker Blues."

Don conducts his Learning Annex workshop, "50 Sure-Fire Ways to Break the Ice and Improve Your Conversations"

Don interactive workshops present all the communications skills, tips, and strategies you need to start, continue and end your conversations with poise and confidence in business, social, and personal situations.



Don’s presentation fees vary and are based on the following:

  • The type of organization (corporate, non-profit, association, small business)
  • The format and length of the presentation (keynote, workshop, webinar)
  • Number of attendees (materials fee, plus one of Don’s books to each attendee)
  • Additional services (pre- and post-event individual and small group coaching)
  • Licensing fee (permission to audio or video record Don’s presentation)
  • Payment Option (10% discount for full upfront payment)

Don’s fees range from $3,500 to $8,500 per presentation plus travel and expenses. Please contact Don directly to discuss how he can best meet the needs and wants for your group.

For more information, contact Don at 718-768-0824 or don@dongabor.com