Talking with Confidence for the Painfully Shy

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Talking with confidence: What could be more rewarding—especially if you’ve been shy all your life?
In Talking with Confidence for the Painfully Shy, best-selling author Don Gabor presents a practical guide that show you how to speak up and speak out in any social or business situation. In no time at all you’ll discover how to conquer the butterflies, nervousness and insecurity you feel each time you meet and talk to others. Plus you’ll learn easy ways to:


  • Break out of a lifelong pattern of shyness
  • Master the art of mingling and making small talk
  • Host your own party and present toasts
  • Sell yourself at a job interview and run a business meeting
  • Give a speech, teach a workshop, sell a product, network and much more.

Talking with Confidence for the Painfully Shy offers all the vital techniques, examples and even the exact words you’ll even need for to finally say, “I used to be shy, but not anymore!”

From Booklist:
If 75 percent of all adults consider themselves to be shy in one or more social or business situations, this is the book that can help. Gabor shares techniques he has used in conversation workshops since 1980. The examples and exercises are intended to help victims of shyness build confidence while overcoming nervousness and fear of rejection or even potential hostility. The book is divided into three useful sections. Part one, “Kicking the Shyness Habit,” explains how to change the way one talks to oneself, share interests, and display a sense of humor. Part two, “Speaking in Social Situations,” discusses small talk, mingling at parties, hosting a get-together, making toasts, developing phone relationships, and avoiding “toxic conversations.” Part three, “Speaking in Business Situations,” suggests how to survive interviews, give a speech, negotiate, network, conduct meetings, and deal with difficult clients. It even recommends ways to make new business contacts on airplanes. This is a straightforward, practical guide for people who wants to learn to flex their communication muscles.

— Patricia Hassler

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